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I'm seriously starting to think Astrology is for real.

Gemini and Taurus (AKA Me and my Mom)

When a Gemini child relates to a Taurus parent, it can be like three people getting together! Gemini's Symbol is the Twins, and this Sign can often be of two minds about things. The realistic Taurus parent curbs Gemini's erratic and restless tendencies, keeping the wild child in touch with the world. This is a very traditional parent/child relationship. Taurus can be a very conservative parent, expecting and imposing old-fashioned values onto their child. The Gemini child is not so ready to accept everything handed their way, though. Part of the dual nature of the Twins is to seek out an independent path, to step out on their own so to speak; this is not easy for the physically demonstrative and sometimes over-protective Taurus. Taurus is also much more sedate and practical overall than their Gemini offspring. Because of their independent spirit, Gemini may find it hard to accept this down-to-earth Taurean approach. At the same time, it might be hard for Taurus to accept their Gemini child's flightiness and occasional lack of substance. Taurus can help Gemini to be more involved in life and to see the depth of ideas rather than simply the surface. Gemini can help Taurus add variety, spontaneity and chance to their regimented lifestyleves. The best aspect of the Taurus-Gemini family relationship is the security the two can give one another once Taurus allows Gemini to offer that security freely, and Taurus learns to relax a bit. If they're open to it, both relatives can learn to look at the world through new eyes. As long as they communicate honestly and without judgment, theirs will be a stable and happy family

Gemini and Leo (me and my dad)

When a Gemini child is born to a Leo parent, the combination of family members is playful and high-spirited. There is a dynamic optimism in this relationship. Although they differ in their approaches to life, the Gemini child and Leo parent get along quite well. While Leo wants to experience things firsthand, Gemini would rather examine them from several different angles. Together, however, they can discover and understand more than they would alone. Both Leo and Gemini have a lot of energy, and working together, they can come up with great ideas and common goals. Leo likes the freedom to jump into projects and give the orders. Gemini wants intellectual freedom and is able to look at all sides of an argument. When the Gemini child is indecisive, the Leo parent can help them make decisions. The Leo parent, though, needs to be careful about being overbearing or bossy and not giving Gemini enough intellectual space. Arguments may arise if Leo thinks that Gemini doesn't take their life seriously or if they feel that their child is wasting time and efforts. In spite of their different approaches to life, they make a compatible family unit. The best aspect of the Gemini-Leo family relationship is their youthful, even childlike playfulness in the world. Others recognize them as a very attractive family. The Gemini child and the Leo parent can truly understand and value each other's input.

Gemini Girl

That outgoing young lady in the middle of the room? She's bound to be a Gemini! Smart and quick-witted, this social butterfly loves having lots and lots of friends. Be prepared for the phone line to be perpetually tied up. She's adept at talking on the phone while sending email, and each piece of communication will be both delightful and dazzling. Chat rooms were made for her! The Twin girl needs a slew of hobbies and interests to keep her rapid-fire mind occupied, which is why she dabbles in everything from aerobics to Zen philosophy. As much as she loves to talk (and she's always got the scoop on everything), she is also on top of her studies. She can manage to pull straight As without even trying! Well, sort of -- networking with the teacher might have something to do with her success. She'll enjoy engaging in sports like swimming: Gemini rules the shoulders and lungs, so laps make sense. Running laps around a track are also a good way for her to burn off some of that abundant energy. Back at school, she's a natural for the school paper, either as a reporter or the resident gossip columnist.
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This weekend was awesome.
Spent time with Carolyn for the first time in way too long.
And Amanda. God, I hadn't seen her since June =/
It was kind of like back in the days when Amanda and I would spend the night at Carolyn's and we'd all chill together.

There definitely need to be more three-day weekends we can fiesta on.
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And though I'll think of you I guess until the day I die
I think I miss you less and less every day goes by.

I love Sweeney Todd.
Even though the singing is hardly spectacular, it's such a sad musical. and a little fucked up too. But mostly just sad.
Johnny Depp is the perfect murderous barber.
And even though he's not a great singing he still has so much power in the way he uses his voice that makes it ok.
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I feel you,
I feel you.
I was half-convinced I'd waken.
Satisfied enough to dream you,
happily I was mistaken,
I'll steal you,
I'll steal you.
Do they think that walls can hide you?
Even now I'm at your window...
I am in the dark beside you,
buried sweetly in your yellow hair!
I feel you,
And one day,
I'll steal you!
'Til I'm with you then,
I'm with you there...
sweetly buried in your yellow hair!

I love this song. I cannot stop listening to it. =]]

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Oh gosh, a little girl clone of Christina existing...that's a scary thought...
But I know she'll be a fun little kid who will always keep things interesting =]
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My dad, Jess, and I went Christmas tree shopping.
Then we decorated the tree while watching Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer.
Then we went to the Atlanta Bread Company & chilled with the lit mag groupies.
Crazy enough I ran into Becca there & I'm seeing her later tonight.
Then Jess, Katherine, and I walked around party city and tried on a bunch of different hats & boas and stuff =]
Anyway, I'm all prettified for Becca's thing and until about 6 I guess we're just chilling.
I <3 today =]

Current Mood: happy happy

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wow, i love the compare me application on facebook.
it asked me whether I'd rather sleep with my uncle or tyler hayden.
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I think I finally did decently on an essay for Mrs. Austin. Definitely not above a 6 or 7 but I'd be happy with either.
And it was nice to do that thing in journalism where you wrote nice things about everyone and gave them out. I think half of them were a lie/really generic. Someone even said I was outgoing o.O. Which is weird because in general I'm so not. haha. If it was Jessia though that would be understandable since she never talks.
anyway, after this break, it'll only be about three weeks until this semester is over...Hallalujah (i probably spelled that wrong).
I kind of wish we could switch classes since I'm REALLY tired of all my classes, even the good ones...but whatever. I guess I'll have to deal.
And now I'm done with the internet and am going to go read Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. books > people. That's all I have to say.
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i'm tired of the people.
i'm tired of living at home.
i'm tired of the stupid seven-classes-a-day dealio.
i'm tired of the rednecks/hardcore Christians.
i'm ready for fucking college.
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it's kind of an insult because mrs. austin said we're dishonest with annotations and we aren't going deep enough in seminars.
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